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A journey to the land of the senses


Discover an organic cuisine freely inspired by Moroccan and Lebanese culinary specialities where the menu, tightened, changes with the rhythm of the seasons. And where everything, from appetizers to desserts, is homemade.

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The Menu

Our Menu

Inspired by the Orient, Slow Food, local, 90% organic & 100% homemade.


with vegetables of the day (see blackboard)     4.90€

MEZZE (starter)

A portion or a mix of 3              5.90€

  • Hummus
  • Tabouleh
  • Eggplant puree
  • Carrot salad
  • Vegetable of the day
  • Labneh
  • Kefta meatballs (organic beef from Bionoor)
  • Goat’s cheese (from Fromagerie du Gros Chêne)


Hummus plate                                      8.90€

+ goat’s cheese or kefta meatballs  9.90€

Horia plate                        15.90€

with hummus, labneh, tabouleh, eggplant 

and large choice of hot vegetables of the day

and goat’s cheese or kefta meatballs or lentils

Kids plates

On demand                                           9.50€

Vegetarian/vegan dish of the day (see blackboard)            13.90€

Tajine lentils                                    13.90€

with goat’s cheese or kefta meatballs or vegetables

Vegetable couscous (only friday)     14.30€

+ merguez sausage                                       15.50€

Tajine kefta tomato                               14.50€

with egg & salad

Tajine of the day                15.50€

with meat or fish  (see blackboard) & salad

Horia combo

Mezze mix + plate +dessert         28.50€


Dessert of the day (see blackboard)                                5.50€


Our moroccan bread « façon Canal » are designed and produced espe-

cially for Horia by the bakery «C’est Si Bon».


Ask for our homemade harissa                     0.50€





We use vegetables which are in season and available at the organic
farmers market.

We have the Biogarantie label and we are certfied organic at 90% by Certisys.

Our meat – french Charolais beef from Bionoor – is organic (Ecocert

We are vegan and gluten-free friendly.

Everything is homemade, day by day.

fresh juice

Freshly squeezed & organic orange juice

organic juice

Apple (Pajot)
Apple cherry (Pajot)
Apple orange (Pajot)

organic smoothie

Fruit of the day smoothie
Royal smoothie : almond + mil +acocado + dates + fruit as garnish


Spa still : 0.25 L or 0.5 L or 1 L
Spa sparkling : 0.25 L or 0.5 L or 1 L
Tap water on request

Softs drinks

Fritz-Kola & Fritz-Kola light
Fritz-red grape (bio)
Fritz-rhubarb (bio)
Spa orange natural

Spa lemon natural


Café Liégeois Mano Mano (organic & fairtrade)


Espresso macchiato
Double Espresso
Latte macchiato


Comptoir Florian (teapot)

  • Sencha fukuyu (Japon)
  • Sencha Earl-Grey (bergamote de calabre)
  • Indian Chaï (cinnamon, cardamon, gyrofle, gimgembre)
  • Aswan herbal tea – Infusion (orange, tangerine, hibiscus, lemongrass, lemon)
  • Vervain herbal tea – infusion green lemon (vervain, lemon, ginger, rooibos, pink pepper)
  • Black tea (organic)

Fresh & organic mint tea (teapot)

All our warm drinks are served with homemade cookies.

Brussels Craft Beer

Brasserie de la Senne (Molenbeek)

  • Zinnebir ( blonde, 6%) – 33cl
  • Jambe-de-bois ( blonde corsée, 8%) – 33cl
  • Brusseleir (black IPA, 8%) – 33cl

Brasserie de l’Ermitage (Anderlecht)

  • Lanterne (IPA, Houblonnée, 5,5%) – 33cl
  • Soleil (blanche, 4,5%) – 33cl
  • Théorème de l’empereur (jasmin & thé vert, 6,4%) – 33cl

Bière solidaire

  • 100 PAP (ambrée, 6%) – 33cl

Pink Wines

Les Chineurs – Vignerons d’Estezargues
Vieille Mule – Jeff Carell (natural wine)

White wines

Vieille Mule – Jeff Carrel (natural wine)
Touraine Sauvignon – F. Chidaine (organic)
Pif Sauvignon – La Piffaudiere (organic)

Red wines

Vieille Mule – Jeff Carrel (vin naturel)
Pinot noir – Jeff Carrel (vin naturel)
KVO – Karim Vionnet (vin naturel)
Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo – (bio)
Omar m’a abuser – Fabien Jouves (bio)
Tandem – Alain Graillot – Maroc
Du beur dans les pinards – Karim Vionnet


Cider Majorette (organic) – 4% – 0,33 cl
Kyrr – Vieille Mule & crème de cassis (organic) – 16%
Royal Kyrr – Wine of Anarchy & blackcurrant liquor (organic) – 16%


Wine of Anarchy (organic) – Prosecco style
Tinc Set – Mas Candi (Catalogna) – Cava style


Limoncello (organic) – Walcher
Amaretto (organic) di Mattia Walcher
Whisky (organic) – Main Fields Rare Reserve








our story

The experience


The experience

Come and discover a small organic canteen with a warm and smiling welcome. You will feel our admiration for the wealth of the Arab world and its spice-rich cuisine. A simple place, open and accessible to all.

About Horia




Our producers

More than 90% of our food products are supplied by certified organic producers. We want to make their products known and the love they have for them. This knowledge must be saved with the food biodiversity that inspired it.

Our producers